The Best 60 Liter Backpack — Rightfully Size for Adventures!

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By: Sonia Zannoni

Traveling is the one activity every person in the world has to take up, whether for leisure or work. Moreover, the most important thing you need for traveling is a backpack. So, if you do not have the right one, you may have to face many inconveniences when you are far away from home.

60L backpacks are one of the most used sizes since they offer you the option to pack a lot of stuff, without being overly cumbersome. Therefore, we will look at some of the most useful and attractive 60L backpacks that are available online today.

1. Topsky Sports Hiking Backpack with Rain Cover 

Topsky is famous for making convenient backpacks, along with mobile phone and laptop covers. And this beauty from Topsky is useful for hiking, cycling, or even climbing.


  • It weighs 1.7 kg, and it is made totally from nylon.
  • It contains various compartments, including a sleeping bag.
  • Hooks are present to allow you to hang different tools and accessories, and that is especially necessary for hiking, climbing, and other physical activity.
  • The backpack has an active SBS zipper and a waterproof cover.
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Hardcore adventure trips are easy when you have a bag that is made of water-repellent material.

The carrying straps are made up of 3D mesh which is breathable, making them very comfortable to carry.

The back is specially designed to exert minimal pressure on the body.

The hooks are strong enough to fasten heavy equipment like hiking poles and ice axes.

Emergency equipment straps on the chest to hang things like a whistle.


Not a lot to complain about, although the front strap on the sternum is known to be inconvenient to some users.

The shoulder straps are not too extendable, so short or people who are very tall may have a problem.


This is probably one of the best 60L backpacks out there. Sturdy, large, and comfortable to carry, it has enough space to carry your sleeping bag and perhaps an extra pair of shoes. Very impressive, with most customers expressing satisfaction.

2. Belvie 60L Backpack for Hiking

Belvie, famous for making backpacks and also hydration reservoirs, has come up with the 601, which has impressed many customers due to its spaciousness.


  • The Belvie 601 backpack is made of nylon and has pockets on both sides that can be closed with zippers.
  • It weighs almost 3 pounds. It has an expandable capacity.
  • It has pockets on the front and the top. The one on the front is with a zipper.
  • Also, has a compartment for a sleeping bag.
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At less than 3 pounds, it is extremely light, for a 60L backpack. 

It offers ample space since the capacity can be expanded to a further 10L on top of the 60L.

The side straps are adjustable, which is an advantage for shorter people.

It is made with water-resistant nylon.


The clips are not too strong and can become loose according to some customers.

The back straps are not easily adjustable, so it is a problem with the top lid.


While the expandable room is a huge bonus, the fact that the back straps cannot be adjusted is a drawback. Also, the clips could be better. So, it seems to be the right choice if you are going on a one- or two-day hike, but not for extensive use.

3. Creeper 60L + 5L Internal Frame Backpack for Hiking Camping Mountaineering

Moluo specializes in making hiking backpacks, and the Creeper is one of the two designs on offer. Looks good, with the color, making it look very professional.


  • The Creeper backpack is made up of totally water-resistant fabric. Furthermore, it provides a waterproof cover to help when it rains.
  • Equipped with an SBS zipper that won’t break due to wear and tear. It weighs 1.6 kg.
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The technology used to keep the backpack and its inside dry are exceptional, and it is a huge bonus during the rainy season.

The fabric used is also anti-tear, which means the knapsack can be easily used on rough terrains, like rocky hills or forests. Therefore, it is durable.

Straps are covered with breathable mesh, and quite suitable for long hikes.

It has a lot of compartments and pockets, which are handy for useful items like multi-tools and maps.


None noted.


The features that keep the bag from getting wet make this an ideal backpack for hiking in countries that are known to have long rainy seasons, like in Asia. However, it could do with some variation in color and design.

4. TETON Sports Hiker 3700 Internal Frame Backpack with Free Rain Cover

TETON Sports are known for the variety of camping gear they have on offer. They have been players in the business for quite some time now and have brought out another good product; the Sports Hiker 3700.


  • The Hiker 3700 backpack weighs 4 pounds or 1.8 kg and is designed for medium-duration hikes.
  • It is 30 inches long and has a double pad located at the back.
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It has a lot of pockets and loops, allowing many items.

The double padded back makes carrying it very comfortable.

The inner compartment can easily fit a sleeping bag.

It has a pouch on the waist bone strap, which is very convenient for grabbing things quickly for frequent use, like a camera.


No complaints, other than the size of the pockets. Some of the pockets could have been bigger.

Watch the video below to learn more about this awesome Hiker 3700 backpack:


The Teton Sports Hiker 3700 backpack is a must-have for people who like the occasional hike, but are not professionals. It can support heavy items and therefore is not a bad choice for longer hikes as well.

5. Deuter Aircontact Lite SL Backpack 60+10

As the name suggests, the Aircontact Lite from Deuter is a backpack whose space can be expanded by 10 more liters. Deuter has made sure that the product is available in three funky colors.


  • This backpack is a little on the heavier side with 1.8 kg, but that might be due to the fact that it has an expandable space.
  • It contains the Aircontact system by Deuter. It also facilitates hydration.
  • Available in line moss, turquoise, and denim colors.
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It can be expanded from 60L by a further 10L, which is a huge increase in space.

It comes with a helmet holder, which serves bikers and climbers a lot.

The back length can be adjusted.

Amazingly, it also offers a separate compartment for wet clothes. Great!!


The Velcro loop for hanging the hydration bladder is not very strong, according to some customers.


With the space and extra compartments on offer, this backpack is among those that are ideal for those weeklong hiking trips. However, it would have been better if the loops to hang stuff were stitched instead of having Velcro.

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