Best Compass for Hiking – 5 Tips to Help You Find Your Way

Best Compass for Hiking - Compass and Paper Map in Forest

Even though we live in a technological era, having a compass and knowing how to use it will lower your anxiety level and add peace of mind while on hiking excursions. In this post, we’ll check out the best compass for hiking, how to use one and how to store it. We’ll also cover the essential features to consider when buying a compass.

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Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GTX Hiking Boots Review

Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GTX Hiking Boots Review - Feet Close Up with Salomon Hiking Boots

Every hiker will tell you that your hiking boots must be comfortable, durable, and stable for an enjoyable hiking experience. Hiking boots that pinch, get your feet wet, or even rip will make for a miserable hike. In this Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GTX Hiking Boots review, we’ll discuss how well these boots perform out on the trails, how waterproof they are as well as how to care for them. 

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Best Water Bottles for Hiking – Read This Before You Buy

Best Water Bottles for Hiking - Woman Hiker Enjoying the View and Drinking Water

It’s easy to take your water bottle for granted. You probably bought it a long time ago and haven’t really given it a second thought because you take it with you everywhere. Your once beautiful, brand new water bottle you carefully picked out is probably all scratched up by now. Maybe even the strap is broken, yet you’re still hanging onto it. In this article, we’ll take the lid off the best water bottles for hiking. 

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North Face Fanny Pack Review

North Face Fanny Pack Review - Woman Hiker Admiring the Rocky Landscape

When you are going on a day hike, you might think that bringing a hiking backpack is too cumbersome for packing a bottle of water and a few snacks. So, what is the alternative, you might ask? Well, the North Face Fanny pack is the answer you are looking for, so keep on reading my review below!

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Black Diamond Speed 40 Backpack Review

Black Diamond Speed 40 Backpack Review - Men Climbing on Frozen Waterfall

When it comes to adventure outings, no matter if it is a day hike or multi-day excursion, you need to bring along some gear essentials. While some of you might be tempted to try to fit them all in your jeans pockets, well, it is not an option! It is why I have put together this review of the Black Diamond Speed 40 Backpack.

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