North Face Fanny Pack Review

North Face Fanny Pack Review - Woman Hiker Admiring the Rocky Landscape

When you are going on a day hike, you might think that bringing a hiking backpack is too cumbersome for packing a bottle of water and a few snacks. So, what is the alternative, you might ask? Well, the North Face Fanny pack is the answer you are looking for, so keep on reading my review below!

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Black Diamond Speed 40 Backpack Review

Black Diamond Speed 40 Backpack Review - Men Climbing on Frozen Waterfall

When it comes to adventure outings, no matter if it is a day hike or multi-day excursion, you need to bring along some gear essentials. While some of you might be tempted to try to fit them all in your jeans pockets, well, it is not an option! It is why I have put together this review of the Black Diamond Speed 40 Backpack.

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What Is the Best Brand for Hiking Backpack?

What Is the Best Brand for Hiking Backpack - Man Hiking in the Mountains

There are many features that users check before buying a backpack like the size, compartments, fabric, and straps. None of these features will matter if the pack belongs to a cheap brand that isn’t known for making durable and reliable products. The hiking backpack is one of the most important items while you’re off on a trip. You can certainly not risk getting stuck with a low-quality backpack that breaks in between or just tears apart due to the extra load.

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Best Light Hiking Backpack – Osprey Hikelite 26 Daypack Review

Light Hiking Backpack - Two Hikers Orienting with a Trail Map in the Woods

When going on a day hike, a light hiking backpack is a must. Since finding the right backpack for hiking can almost guarantee an enjoyable experience, and conversely, finding the wrong pack can spoil what could have been an otherwise memorable experience. The Osprey Hikelite Backpack offers an equal number of features well keeping to its lightweight. 

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HIKPRO Review – The Most Comfortable Hiking Backpack

Most Comfortable Hiking Backpack - HIKPRO Backpack in the Desert

For the hiker in you, the first and foremost thing is the backpack you intend to carry. Compromise on the quality and make, and half of the fun and adventure of the hiking trip could be lost. The next time you are planning to buy a new hiking backpack, be sure to ascertain whether the backpack is of the right capacity, whether its features suit your requirements, and whether the rucksack fits your height and build.

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Teton Sports Explorer 4000 Backpack Review

Teton Sports Explorer Review - Group of Friends with Backpacks in the Forest

Some things make an explorer, but perhaps what better defines a person as such can be considered their sense of curiosity and bravery to where few others have gone. In order to do so, however, tools are as much a necessity as is bravery, and there are few better backpacks to aid explorers to carry what they need than the Teton Sports Explorer 4000.

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