Women’s Kelty Coyote 70 Backpack Review — Space to Spare for Adventure!

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By: Sonia Zannoni
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When looking for a backpack, appropriate for hiking, and with the largest carrying capacity, there are few others like the Kelty Women’s Coyote 70 Backpack. In fact, the Kelty Coyote 70 Internal Frame Backpack is unique in its own right, offering quite a bit with impressive depth and quality. It sits at the very top of the pyramid when it comes to a professional hiker’s backpack.

Thus, if you are at the most advanced level of your outdoor trekking, and in need of a backpack that can keep us with your demands, then the Kelty is definitely what you are looking for.


  • The most impressive feature of the Kelty backpack is its 70L (4250 cubic inches) volume capacity, which distinguishes it from all the other hiking backpacks available and proves its worth as the most suitable backpack for an advanced hiker.
  • Its large storage capacity can allow for anything, and everything a hiker, trekker, and mountaineer might need.
  • It measures up to about 33 inches in height by 17 inches in width and 14 inches in depth, which means that the large storage space does not mean that backpack towers over your head but rather has enough width which gives it the appropriate shape.
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  • It also has 7 external pockets to allow you to access the material you do not want to fill up the 70L interior capacity.
  • The Kelty is a pretty sturdy backpack too, which it needs to be, given the amount of weight it would need to carry over some very potentially rough and demanding terrain.
  • The 420D polyester proves to be rather tough and can be trusted to hold contents inside without any worries.
  • Comfort and ease of use are matters that users need not worry about, given the many features in its design that ensure anyone can carry their heavy loads without much difficulty.
  • Perhaps the most impressive feature is the perfect-Fit suspension system, which allows the Coyote 70 backpack to adapt itself to torsos of every size, ensuring the comfort of use in a smart and innovative way. That little bit of technology is not all Kelty has to offer.
  • However, there are a number of other measures taken to ensure user comforts, such as the reinforced hip belt and shoulder straps it is fitted with, allowing for weight distribution and protection against the strain that could be felt from the backpack’s weight.
  • A backpack that allows for as much space as the Kelty Coyote 70 would simply be impractical were it not for quality measures taken to ensure comfort and to enable users to get the most out of their experiences.
  • The Coyote’s ingenious design gets more impressive with inclusions like the top and frontal panel access that allows you to get to the contents inside without necessarily unpacking everything on top.
  • It also has a hydration system that you can fit a bladder into and use while on the go, adding convenience to the Kelty’s undoubted quality and practicality.

To summarize, here are the pros and cons of what the Women’s Kelty Coyote 70 has to offer:

Here is a video displaying all the great features of the Women’s Kelty Coyote 70:


Quality material, including zippers, guarantees long use.

Large interior volume capacity with two ways to access the contents inside.

Aluminum + HDPE internal frame that provides quality structure.

A perfect-fit suspension system that molds to different shapes for comfort.

The HDPE-reinforced hip belt transfers weight and eases the load.

Padded shoulder straps that reduce strain.

Exterior side pockets allow for convenient storage of items outside of the interior compartment.

Hydration sleeve that provides easy access to liquids.

Sleeping bag compartment.


Lack of places to attach additional components means you will have a hard time adding anything more to what the backpack already has to offer.

No protection against rain or wet conditions in general.


The Women’s Kelty Coyote 70 Internal Frame Backpack may not be perfect, nor have every single feature to be found in a professional’s backpack, but what it does offer it does so better than any other backpack.

Presenting itself in its sleek dark shadow exterior color, you will find as much room in its volume capacity as to be found anywhere else.

In fact, there are simply no backpacks out there with a larger singular compartment. It seems excessive, and one may be inclined to think that there is a price to pay for that, but this is where the backpack really impresses.

The Kelty’s intelligence matches its quality, as one is quickly made aware, and it is because of that that the Coyote 70 backpack comes off as a complete success.

It seems to take on qualities that can be found in explorers, pushing past the bounds of what has already been accomplished and daring to provide for more than what is expected.

It has a way to go to be the best backpack in all areas, but just as it is, it’s more than good enough.

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9 thoughts on “Women’s Kelty Coyote 70 Backpack Review — Space to Spare for Adventure!”

  1. Hi Sonia. Helpful review on the Kelty Coyote 70 Backpack. I love backpacks for traveling, especially one with enough space, and has a very comfortable feel regardless of the weight of the items in it.

    The Kelty Coyote 70 backpack looks very suitable for me. I love the nice features. But it would have been better if it was waterproof because the weather can become wet at any point. Well, it’s all good.

  2. The Kelty Coyote sounds like an awesome backpack. It certainly has a large number of unique features to make it more comfortable for hiking.

    I love the fact that there are numerous pockets and that it has ample space for a sleeping bag and all the necessities a camper would need.

    My big concern is the fact that it is not waterproof, and I wonder that Kelty has not made it of waterproof fabric. There surely is a waterproof fabric that could be used at not much extra cost.

    The fact that it fits the body so well is a great plus.

  3. The Kelty Coyote 70 is an impressive backpack! My immediate thought was that there could be a heavy load to carry, given the roominess. But the lumbar support, shoulder straps, and hip belt seem to consider this and to distribute any heaviness uniformly through the body.

    Indeed, the backpack provides space for about everything imaginable that one could need.

    Here’s hoping that Kelty provides a similar backpack for men or that this one could be considered “unisex.”

    Thanks for the review, Richard

    • Good news! There is a Kelty Coyote Backpack for men! It has an 80L capacity and offers pretty much the same awesome features as the Kelty for women.

      Actually, it is my #1 recommendation when it comes to Men’s backpack! So, I strongly urge you to read my full review first, if you are interested in getting the Kelty Coyote 80 Backpack.

  4. Thank you so much for the awesome post! I go hiking a lot with my family, living in Kentucky and around all the mountains here, we have plenty of places to walk.

    I like this backpack because it has so many features I can use, especially the hydration sleeve. I also like how big it is, and if I got two, one for me, and one for my wife, that would probably be enough space. I do worry that it does not have protection against rain, granted, I could always buy something to protect the backpack with.


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