Mountaintop 65L Backpack Review — Sleek Yet Comfortable!

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By: Sonia Zannoni

There are few certainties in life, which should be something any hiker should relish, given they spend their time going places very few have gone before. There are quite a few things hikers like to be sure about, something in which surprises are not welcome, and the backpack they carry with them is one such thing.

The quality and aptness of a hiker’s backpack can either make or break their trips. They work almost as dictators of fate, and since the power of choosing a hiking backpack is in your hands, choosing how well your hikes go would be too.

The Mountaintop Backpack is perhaps the best guarantee of a fruitful outing. It looks pretty good too.

The nylon-made backpack boasts some features, as well as an attractive figure.

Without wanting to get too carried away by some of its unique features, I will first address some of the core features everyone looks for in a backpack.


  • The Mountaintop has a 65L volume capacity. That amount speaks volumes about what category of backpacks it is for anyone who would want to compare it with what else is out there.
  • At that size, it is large enough to carry all that is needed for a hike lasting a week-long, accommodating all that is required for a long and extraneous excursion.
  • Something that supports as much potential weight as that needs to be made of quality material, to reassure users the integrity of the backpack is guaranteed for many hikes, and the Korean nylon it is made of gives one just as much reassurance as is needed.
Mountaintop 65L Backpack Review
  • There is a built-in waterproof cover, which means that a little bit of bad weather or wet terrain shouldn’t scare you off. Watertightness is one of the features that perhaps best illustrates how having the right backpack can make your hiking experience good or bad, as having wet blankets is no pleasant scenario as any hiker should know.
  • The design is as sleek as it is smart, being able to adjust itself to different torso sizes with an adjustable back-length function, making it suitable for people of different sizes and ages. This function is part of many features that make the back more comfortable, and as such, the load you carry is made easier on you.
  • Torso straps add to that comfort, as well as padded hip and shoulder straps, which help to make the backpack fit better and reduce the amount of strain that can be potentially felt. Comfort is not something that can be dismissed when looking at what a knapsack of this kind has to offer, and as it turns out, it is not a feature Mountaintop lacks either.
  • There are several compression straps that allow you to tie other items such as sleeping bags and a hydration system that allows for a water bladder.
  • Finally, it has a great design, supported by a sturdy internal frame.


Height adjuster at the back which allows for eight different lengths.

Padded straps are made of foam material that provides maximum comfort.

An internal frame that maintains a rigid structure.

Quality waterproof material, no additional covers needed.

Large interior volume capacity, divided into two compartments, which is useful for contents that need to be kept separate.

Hydration system capable of carrying bladders of up to 3L.


There could be a few more side pockets to allow one to get to more material easily.

Con #2

Con #3

Moreover, for this review to be more helpful in reaching your decision, here is a video below that offers an overview of all the awesome features of the Mountaintop backpack:


Though it may have its faults, such as the lack of multiple exterior side pockets, the Mountaintop 65L Backpack merely is one of the best hiking backpacks available.

If you are looking for reliability, there is nothing that it sells that it doesn’t deliver, making it as reliable as they come.

Suitability is something one looks hard at, and given the many features it covers, like its storage capacity and versatile design, which ensures comfort, the Mountaintop presents itself as suitable for a long journey over a long distance to an extremely demanding hike, (climbing a mountain).

The quality of the backpack not only means it will serve you well during a hike without any risks, but it also promises to do so for many hikes, as many can testify.

The Mountaintop’s many features also come off as somewhat impressive when put next to its competition, which can only be a good thing, given all there is to offer out there.

It seems to strive for certain excellence, like a mountaineer looking at the next peak to ascend, and it inevitably gets there.

All that while looking pretty sleek…

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2 thoughts on “Mountaintop 65L Backpack Review — Sleek Yet Comfortable!”

    • Hi Eido,

      The mountaintop 65L backpack doesn’t have a pocket dedicated for a sleeping bag. What you have is the main compartment in the upper section of the hiking backpack and at the bottom you have another compartment, which is smaller, where you can put a sleeping bag if you want.

      However this compartment mainly provides more storing space to put all your essentials for your outing! So, what you put in there is up to you… thus, if you to put a sleeping bag in it, go for it! This bottom compartment is not a sleeping bag pocket per se!

      Moreover, if you want to bring a sleeping bag, I would suggest that you either use the compression straps located on the very top of the mountaintop 65L backpack or the ones on the side of the bag.

      Hope it clarify things,



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