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By: Sonia Zannoni
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Some things make an explorer, but perhaps what better defines a person as such can be considered their sense of curiosity and bravery to where few others have gone. In order to do so, however, tools are as much a necessity as is bravery, and there are few better backpacks to aid explorers to carry what they need than the Teton Sports Explorer 4000.

Let’s have a closer look at what this backpack has to offer, and since we are going to describe it as a companion, we will go through all that might earn it that title.

Stating that explorers need a considerable amount of muscle to do what they need to would not be such a far-fetched statement, I would say, and a companion that is as equally tough would be the most appropriate kind to have. It would not be enough to state that the Teton Sports Explorer is made of some sturdy stuff.

Therefore, I will proceed to detail all the awesome features that make the Explorer 4000 backpack a great companion.


  • Its sturdy posture is made possible by an internal frame, working as its skeleton.
  • This design helps keep things in place as well as aiding in balance.
  • The backpack itself weighs a little, slightly under five pounds, but for the sort of rugged structure you get, it’s worth it.
  • The volume capacity of 4000 cubic inches or rather 65L is also pretty decent. At that size, you can pack all you need to escape the confines (and comfort) of your home for a handful of days.
  • There are also many pockets on its exterior that are great for packing bulky items that might spoil the interior storage capacity as well as offer easy access to what you will need in the middle of a hike.
TETON Sports Explorer Review
  • Your companion also needs to do more than allow you to bring what you need when going on your outdoor excursion. It needs to make carrying your heavy load easier on you, and the Teton Sports Explorer 4000 does just that.
  • The flexible aluminum provided maximum comfort as it fits itself onto users’ contour lines, making it easier to carry your load.
  • Apart from the usefulness of its adaptable shape, which helps your back, the padded shoulder straps also help avoid feeling the strain of the backpack’s weight. The material used is also specially designed to allow for air circulation. The straps around the torso also help with support and comfort.
  • The backpack has many other features you would expect a professional companion to have, such as a hydration system that allows bladders up to 3L big, helping you stay hydrated during the long hike.
  • There are a number of other features that enhance the Teton Sports Explorer’s sturdiness, storage capacity, and comfort as will be explored in the following section. It is worthy to note, to summarize the backpack’s features, that it is especially ideal for long hiking trips through rough terrain, given all the qualities mentioned above.


The design and structure are rigid, and the material is sturdy, making this a quality backpack that will last many hikes.

It has a large storage capacity, which you would expect of a backpack of its quality, and with six other pockets, there should be plenty of space for all of what you need.

Open-cell foam padding and molded channels allow for comfort and ventilation.

Adjustments can be made for people with torsos of different sizes, which means it is usable for people of a wide age range, as well as various body types.

Exterior straps to attach gear onto.


Though it comes with an external rain cover, the bottom is vulnerable to getting wet.

There have been some complaints about deliveries with defects, though that is not the general rule, and the quality of the backpack is agreed upon to be good.

The sleeping bag pocket may be too small, depending on the size of the bag.

To further show that the Teton Sports Explorer 4000 is a hiker’s best companion on the trail, here is a short video below that highlights many of the great features of this backpack:


I described the Explorer 4000 backpack as a potential companion at the beginning. While looking through all its features, there is no doubt that the Teton Sports Explorer 4000 can be rightly described as such.

It is, in fact, a companion-like to a fault, as it perhaps does meet a professional hiker’s every desire.

Even though the Teton Explorer 4000 backpack has a few cons, which can be hotly disputed as such, it still comes off as a winner.

The quality material, thoughtful design, and good volume capacity, among other things, all ensure that the backpack is undoubtedly a professional companion.

It will help you get to your destination with ease of mind and then go the extra mile. The positives far outweigh the negatives, and it is most definitely worth the buy.

Definitely an explorer’s best companion.

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