Light Hiking Backpack

Light Hiking BackpackG4Free Travel Backpack

Finding the right backpack for hiking can almost guarantee an enjoyable experience, and conversely, finding the wrong backpack can spoil what could have been an otherwise memorable experience. That is why it is important to choose a backpack that will serve your needs, offering just as much as is needed as well as avoiding overloading you with an excess of features, and more importantly, excess weight that you will not need.

The G4Free Travel Backpack offers a balanced number of features well keeping to its lightweight. There is nothing more cumbersome than carrying a heavy load unnecessarily when on a short hike, and the excess weight can bog you down and ruin the experience, constantly distracting you from the path ahead. At the same time, certain short hikes require a substantial amount of material.

The G4Free finds a way to address these two issues without sacrificing on any of the essentials to be found in a hiking backpack.

Weight and Material

The nylon backpack weighs 0.2 pounds which, when compared to other bags with similar or slightly smaller volume capacities, that’s a rather remarkable feat. The high-quality material, which comes in seven different colors, proves to be resilient as well, as described at length below.

It isn’t a small bag either, sizing up at 22.8” in height, 13.4” in width, and that’s when it is unfolded. As soon as contents are emptied, the backpack can be folded into less than half of its height, making it as easy to pack away as it is easy to pack other items into.

Volume Size

This is what really made the backpack stand out from the rest of the pack; at 12.7 ounces, one would expect to see a school backpack, not something with a 40l volume capacity, yet that is the exact carry capacity the G4Free Travel Backpack boasts.

Its 7.8” deep compartment is complemented by two top pouches, one spandex pouch at the front, and two bottle holders. There is also a fabric divider on the inside, which is one of many convenient features added to the hardcore practicality of the backpack’s design.


You would think something so light with so large a capacity would readily give in to the pressure, or at least be susceptible to getting easily torn, but the fallacy in that statement is yet another remarkable feature that sets the G4Free backpack apart.

The tear resistant fabric is of such quality as to allow loading as much as can fit in the bag. The durable, lightweight material is also waterproof, so not even that powerful force of nature poses a threat to wearing out the material.

Extra Features

Though you users tend not to carry the heaviest loads, there is enough space in the bag to invite material heavy enough to warrant concern for comfort, and that proves to be no issue either. The adjustable padded straps it has ensure that the backpack is as comfortable as it is convenient. Add chest clips to that, and you have a complete hiking backpack.


The G4Free Travel Backpack’s ability to balance between being a lightweight backpack that can carry heavy loads is what makes it an easy pick for the best lightweight backpack to be found. Backpacks with slightly lower volume capacities often weigh three to five times as much, making it a no-brainer.

Those first statistics make one suspicious of the bags quality and the thought that it may only claim to carry as much as it can but eventually give in is an understandable thought, but one quickly dispelled upon a close investigation into the material and the many reviews it has received, all affirming its durability.

Its ease of use, such as how easily it can fold into a pocket, also add to the cleverness in design that can only serve to be for the user’s convenience.

It may not have every single feature you can find in a hiking backpack, but with all the essentials so well covered, and all the extra features mentioned above, you have yourself a complete backpack for the outdoors and the best lightweight backpack on the market.


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