HIKPRO Review — The Most Comfortable Hiking Backpack

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By: Sonia Zannoni

For the hiker in you, the first and foremost thing is the backpack you intend to carry. Compromise on the quality and make, and half of the fun and adventure of the hiking trip could be lost. The next time you are planning to buy a new hiking backpack, be sure to ascertain whether the backpack is of the right capacity, whether its features suit your requirements, and whether the rucksack fits your height and build.

General Features You Should Look for in a Good Hiking Backpack

Before going into a detailed review of the most comfortable hiking backpack available on the market, here are some features that you should look for in the next backpack that you buy.

  • The most comfortable backpack size for you is the one that comes to the length of your torso and does not cover your entire body’s length. It must also manage a comfortable fit on your hips.
  • A good hiking backpack is designed so that the weight of the backpack is evenly distributed across your back and hips. There are inbuilt frames that are specially fitted to keep you from losing balance on rough, uphill terrain.
  • You may also opt for a frameless backpack that is lightweight and suitable for mountain climbing.
  • Check for the ventilation system in the backpack so that you do not get all sweaty and uncomfortable as the trip advances.
  • You may also take a look at the kind of access that the pack offers for the contents inside, as well as the various types of pockets they offer.
  • A good option is to go for a backpack that is fitted with a day-pack, easily removable, and used for a summit hike.
  • You should also look for a couple of tool loops in the bag so that the trekking poles or ice axes can be carried.

HIKPRO: The Best Lightweight Hiking Backpack

The best choice when it comes to the most durable and ultralight hiking backpack is this model made by HIKPRO. This hiking backpack, which can also be used as a convenient daypack, is highly durable and is suitable for both men and women.


  • The best feature of this No. 1 rated backpack is its ultralight and comfortable design. The pack, however, is very sturdy, yet convenient.
  • You can use this as a hiking bag, for traveling by air, biking, camping, and so on. The weight of the backpack is 6.5 oz.
  • This HIKPRO rucksack has a considerably spacious compartment, such that you can carry more without feeling the weight.
  • A great organizer as the backpack has very beautifully designed pockets—the main pocket for packing heavier and larger items; 1 outer smaller pocket; 2 large, side mesh pockets; and another inner zippered pocket that you may double up in size if required.
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It is made of nylon material that does not allow water in, nor does it tear easily.

When not in use, it can be nicely folded into a small pack, convenient to be carried.

With a sufficient number of pockets and two very convenient separators at the front, this backpack helps in organizing your things in a better way.

There are also small front pockets that hold the items of regular use. You can put umbrellas and water bottles in the side pockets.

The shoulder straps are provided with thick padding made of sponge.

The numerous reviews of the product reveal that the backpack is an ideal companion when you are looking for packing extra food, clothing, your iPad, and water bottles, all in the same pocket.

The backpack is 100% waterproof; the quality of the product has impressed quite many regular travelers.

If you have kids to look after, and for the same reason have to carry extra luggage, the HIKPRO backpack is the ideal choice for you.


Complaints of the shoulder straps breaking after minimal use.

Inside lining shreds easily.

Didn’t hold up under light travel conditions.

Watch the video below to learn more about the ultra-comfortable HIKPRO packable backpack:


The HIKPRO hiking backpack is a true space-saver. It is featherweight and can accommodate bulky items. The backpack has multiple compartments, enabling better organization. It is an ideal choice for short or long trips.


Now, coming to a bit of comparison with the closest competitors of HIKPRO, we find two brands: Ventura Pal and Gonex.

The Venture Pal also offers lightweight backpacks. You can take the top portion off and have the perfect daypack for the day’s outing. It is a foldable outdoor hiking backpack that has a great look. It is also the smart choice for your inner sportsperson. This rucksack can be used for day-to-day traveling. The material is sturdy nylon that offers water-resistant features.

The Gonex is a good-quality hiking backpack with a 35-liters capacity. It is also very light in weight and easy to use, and it has a folding ability. The pack has an average weight of 0.68 pounds. When unfolded, its dimensions are 51 x 31 x 21 cm. One important drawback of this backpack is that although it is somewhat water-resistant, the nylon is not waterproof. Otherwise, the pack is at par in comparison with its peers.


So, the verdict goes in favor of the HIKPRO Hiking Backpack, not only because of its lightweight, but also the reliable and secure way in which you can pack all your belongings in the same backpack, and have a great time hiking. It is the ultimate choice for short and lengthy trips and a very comfortable way to carry your items.

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