What Is The Best Brand for Hiking Backpack?

What is The Best Brand for Hiking Backpack

The hiking backpack is one of the most important items while you’re off on a trip. You can certainly not risk getting stuck with a low-quality backpack that breaks in between or just tears apart due to the extra load.

There are a lot of features that users check before buying a backpack like the size, compartments, fabric, and straps, etc.  None of these features will matter if the backpack belongs to a cheap brand that isn’t known for making durable and reliable products.

Below are a few of the brands that are trusted by a lot of customers for their backpacks:


This is a known brand for making solid, robust and high-quality backpacks that are fit for long distances.

They have plenty of neat features, and one thing that is guaranteed best in their backpacks is the material that they use.

Their bags are comfortable, but the only downside is the high price attached to their products, because of it being a high-end brand.

Arc Teryx

It manufactures a wide range of innovative products. Their latest Alta series is a breakthrough in the way backpacks are designed and are incredibly put.

They have a new rotating hip belt, which allows the hips to move freely from the pack weight, minimizing the friction with them. This feature is specifically useful for women as their hips tend to move more than that of men.

Some of Arc’s small bags are specified to just one task and therefore cannot be used for other purposes.


This is a good brand, but sometimes they face a mismatch between features and simplicity. Other than that they have a lot of different sizes available for their backpacks.

A distinctive feature is that all Osprey backpacks are 20 percent lighter than that of competitors. Osprey’s Ariel and Aura series of backpacks are well known and give great comfort to the user.

Black Diamond

This is another renowned brand, but the backpacks they make are basically smaller ones that may not be fit for long hikes.

Their speed series is the most popular one in their range of small packs.

Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC)

Makes very much affordable backpacks that anyone can easily buy.

Their backpacks are sturdy, heavy and usually based on old designs. Their main aim is to provide functionality rather than style.


This is famous for making durable backpacks. The feature of ventilated backing, where the airflow is directed through a gap between back and bag, was initially perfected by Deuter. That made it far easier for people to hike because there was no issue of sweating of any sort.

While these were some of the best brands out there in the market, this list below talks about some of the best backpacks in 2020:

Gossamer Gear Gorilla 40

The bag has a capacity of 40 liters and is durable as well. It has a lightweight aluminum frame which keeps the overall weight of the bagless.

One interesting feature of the backpack is its removable sit light pad, which acts as a back cushioning while hiking.

The top zip of the bag is also useful to hikers.

ULA Circuit

This bag has a capacity of 68 liters and is ultra-light and dependable.

It has the ability to carry large loads, therefore, can be used for long hiking trips.

Its three-part system consists of carbon fiber hoop, internal foam pad, and aluminum stay.

Osprey EXOS

The bag has a capacity of 48 liters and has a lot of compartments to carry the extra weight.

The design gives excellent back ventilation, and it even has a removable top lid that converts into another small bag.

Osprey Atmos

This bag has a capacity of 65 liters and has an air suspension system as well. It has all the travel bag features and at the same time is extremely lightweight.

Final Thoughts

There are some brands which are expensive and cater to the most affluent hikers, their products are all good quality and pay more attention to the style as well so that users get a good return for the price they pay.

Then there are brands that guarantee all features, but the price is kept low so that regular class can also afford.

Based on the user’s preferences, they can decide amongst brands and choose the best hiking backpack.


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